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BeviQui® travel drinking bowl

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BeviQui®, with its elegant and original design, is the only travel drinking bowl for dogs applicable to any plastic water bottle.
Simply push the seal top into the neck of a water bottles and the shell-like bowl folds down on the side.
Then just open the bowl up and squirt some water into it for your dog to lap away at. You can even share a bottle!
✔ It is light only 0.066 lb (30 gr.) and pocket size.
✔ it does not let the water out if you do not squeeze the water bottle and so you will not spill or waste any water.
✔ You can take it with you anywhere without the weight (or the spillage) of a water bottle.
✔ Produced with certified materials for food use.
✔ Suitable for all dogs, small and large.
✔ Made in Italy.