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Green dog lead, 5ft long
Green dog lead, 100% cotton, with matching harness
Vizsla dog lead, green cotton, with matching harness

Green Cotton Dog Lead, 1.5 metre dog lead 5ft long

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Green dog lead made from a single layers of soft and colourful cotton, approx. 150cm long, nearly 5ft and available in 2 width, 2cm for S/M, or a bit wider in 2.5 cm width for the L.

  • Made from a single layer of soft cotton
  • Colourful and stylish
  • Matching Harness also available.
  • Easy to clean


S/M - Medium 1.5m long, approx 5ft and 2cm width 

L - Large 1.5m long, approx 5ft and 2.5cm width