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Natural hemp dog lead
Natural hemp dog lead size S
Natural hemp dog lead size M
hemp dog lead with matching harness, Jack Russell harnees and lead set
Natural hemp dog lead size L
Hemp dog lead with matching harness, natural hemp
Natural Hemp Dog Lead, with matching harness
Hemp dog lead and harness Jack Russell
Hemp dog lead, natural hemp, durable and eco-friendly dog lead

Natural Hemp Dog Lead, very durable 5ft long hemp lead

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Natural Hemp Dog Lead made from a double layer of 100% natural and sustainable hemp.

This elegant and durable hemp dog lead is 150cm long, nearly 5ft and available in 3 width sizes.

Our Hemp Leads also have a ‘D’ ring at the handle.

  • Made from hemp, protects against irritation
  • Durable for extended use
  • Easy to connect clip attachment for linking to dog harness or collar.
  • Hemp Dog Lead available in 3 sizes
  • Machine washable


✔️   HEMP is Sustainable, Natural and Vegan.
✔️   Hemp fibre continues to soften over time without fibre degradation.
✔️   HEMP is hypo-allergenic, breathable and absorbent.
✔️   Hemp fibre is Anti-microbial and UV resistant.
✔️   Hemp fibre is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.



S - SMALL 1.5cm width x 150cm long (nearly 5ft)

M - MEDIUM 2cm width x 150cm long (nearly 5ft)

L - LARGE 2.5cm width x 150cm long (nearly 5ft)


Wearing hemp is great for the skin and the environment - hemp is considered the most sustainable material, in fact:

✔️  Hemp grows quickly and grows virtually anywhere
✔️  Replenishes the soil and absorbs toxic materials
✔️  Zero chemical fertilisers or pesticides required
✔️  Efficient fibre production
✔️  Everything gets used
✔️  Naturally biodegradable